SAVOUR BEER Sparkling Beer Brut (6x75cl) Case

£ 144.72

SAVOUR BEER Sparkling Beer Brut - 10.5% ABV

Bottle Conditioned (Méthode Traditionnelle)

Product Code: 1007-08-01-0750

This Belgian style golden ale is one of only a handful of beers in the world that are put through the traditional method used in the making of sparkling wines. Using 100% British malted barley, hops and 3 yeast strains, the beer is matured in the bottle for 100 days before being riddled and disgorged to remove the yeast sediment. The nose is floral, honey and spices; while the palate is rich and smooth with hints of caramel. Finally there is a highly effervescent and intense finish with a slight sweetness.