British Distinguished Spirits

"British gin has grown by in 18% in the last two years alone, with premium offerings growing by nearly 50% in the same period. Globally, gin output is expected to reach 13 million litres per year, with much of this growth being met by British producers." - The Drinks Business

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BRITISH DISTINGUISHED SPIRITS include Whisky, Vodka & Gin - three of the most popular alcoholic drinks worldwide.

Whisky is distilled from a fermented mash of grains (rye, barley, wheat, corn, etc.) and matured in wooden casks, usually for three years or more. They differ in base product, alcoholic content, and quality. Grain Whisky is made from any type of grains, whereas Malt Whisky is made primarily from malted barley.

Vodka is the simplest of spirits and consists almost entirely of water and ethanol. It's distilled many times to a very high proof, removing almost all impurities, and then watered down to desired strength. Since just about all impurities are removed, it can be made from just about anything - potatoes, grain, or a mixture are most common. Adding flavours and sugars after the fact when the liquor is bottled makes flavoured vodkas.

Gin starts its life as beer, which is then distilled to a high proof like vodka. Aromatic herbs including juniper berries and often gentian, angelica root, and a host of secret flavourings, depending on the brand, are added to the pure spirit. The liquor is then distilled again. The second distillation leaves behind heavy bitter molecules that don't vaporize readily, capturing only the lighter aromatics.

Original & Distinctive source a variety of British Distinguished Spirits in order to offer a PORTFOLIO of niche premium original & distinctive beverages™ from small producers. Because these producers are small, stocks may at times be limited, which is why we constantly review and refresh our portfolio of ‘hand crafted’ drink products (which will change from time to time) to ensure we always have on offer a range of quality products that are creative and stylish and, not readily available in the supermarkets chains.

ANNO DISTILLERS (Kent) - are a small artisanal spirits producer based in the beautiful Kentish countryside. Patience, their stunning copper-pot still, works magic and transforms carefully selected natural ingredients into premium gin and vodka for drinking pleasure. The co-founders are PhD research and development chemists Andy and Norman. With a shared passion for high quality spirits they were intrigued by the idea of producing their own products and revitalising an industry that was active in Kent in the Georgian period. Their fusion of science and nature, which they call ‘the spirit of Alchemy’, allows them to make incredibly smooth and distinctive spirits.

ECCENTRIC GIN (Mid Glamorgan) - is based in the cellars of a building that has stood in Llantrisant in Wales for over 200 years. Their gin is distilled with a natural spring that runs beneath the stone floors of the washroom, by brewers, mixologists and even a freeman of Llantrisant. They source the best local botanicals including a specially imported Croatian juniper. They also feature the sacred Celtic botanical ‘wild sunflower’ in each of their gins. This botanical is also known as ‘elfwort’, or ‘marchalan’ in Welsh and imparts a subtle sweetness with an underlying floral bitterness.

Note: We are currently in the process of adding more products from our existing suppliers and arranging tastings with more potential suppliers.