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ARTISAN CHAMPAGNE revitalises an earlier era, when producers were more likely to check every bottle - harvesting and vinifying grapes that came only from their own vineyards - a practice the larger producers are unable to implement. Most artisan producers make wines in a way that emphasises the uniqueness of their grapes and vineyard sites; they typically harvest the grapes from low-yield vines, handle them minimally and often bottle the wines 'tête de cuvée' juice (superior juice from the first pressing) adding very little dosage.

Original & Distinctive source a variety of Artisan Champagnes from Champagne in order to offer a PORTFOLIO of niche premium original & distinctive beverages™ from small producers. Because these producers are small, stocks may at times be limited, which is why we constantly review and refresh our portfolio of ‘hand crafted’ drink products (which will change from time to time) to ensure we always have on offer a range of quality products that are creative and stylish and, not readily available in the supermarkets chains.