Specialists in quality, niche premium fine wine and artisan drink products from small producers.

"How great it feels to have a couple of cases of wine that few other people have!"

ORIGINAL & DISTINCTIVE LIMITED (O&D™) are passionately committed, in an industrialised age, to champion small producers, who hand-craft original and distinctive wines that are expressive of a vineyard, and the grower's own connection to the vineyard.

We source, from handpicked small producers, quality, niche premium fine wine and artisan drink products (original & distinctive beverages™) that are creative and stylish and, not readily available in the supermarkets chains, or commercially distributed in large quantities.

Our current niche portfolio consists of original & distinctive beverages™ from France: Bordeaux Fine Wine & Grower Champagne (sparkling wines made in the Champagne region that are produced by the same estate that owns the vineyards from which the grapes come); from Italy & Spain: Original Still Wine; and from the UK: Premium Sparkling Wine, Craft Beer, Traditional Cider & Perry and Distinguished Spirits.

We provide a select range of fine wine, Grower Champagne and artisan drink products from small producers, to savvy trade and consumer customers, in the UK, Scandinavian and, the Asian markets of Hong Kong, Mainland China (particularly Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou & Macao) and Taiwan, who have an appetite for new experiences and all things artisanal.

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